Авиа перевозки


The purpose of air transportations – fast and qualitative delivery of a cargo. For each type of transportation, there are ways of its realization. The main problem of import air transportations is work with a cargo in the country- sender. Not always there is an opportunity to check loading, to choose airline. It is especially necessary to know features of work of the foreign companies, the airports, features of official registration of papers in other country. In order to prevent such problems the company “K7 logistic” has adjusted partner attitudes with many foreign logistical operators. Besides in each country-sender our agent who is engaged in the control of your cargo works.

Generally the scheme of transportation looks as follows – our agent takes away a cargo from a warehouse of the sender, delivers it to the airport, where provides insurance or an extra packing of a cargo, carries out necessary customs formalities and legalizes accompanying papers in the country of  departure. After that will organize air transportation and directs a cargo to any airport chosen by the client. It is also possible deliver cargo to the client’s warehouse.

Directly during the moment of avia transportation, our dispatchers supervise movement of a cargo, supporting a continuous communication, providing with that safety and efficiency of transportations. Owing to it, you can always receive full information a site of the cargo, its condition, rough arrival time of the plane.

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